What do Bonnie, Freya and I have in common? We all found and caught a tipping point to change our lives for the better.

After weeks of little sleep with a toddler, a new baby and post-natal depression, Bonnie realised she needed help. 

After months of being bullied in a toxic work environment, Freya found the strength to report it. 

I left an unsafe environment after several years of procrastination. 

What was the critical thing that made Bonnie realise she needed help, gave Freya the strength to report bullying and pushed me to eventually leave an unsafe environment? 

We all found and caught a tipping point.   

Bonnie, Freya and I were all stuck. We were spinning our wheels, feeling like we were swimming upstream with our legs tied together.  

We wanted and needed to be in what I call the zone of conscious grit. Individuals who live in that zone can be tenacious, determined, resilient, persistent, courageous, and better at thinking and acting with a growth mindset. 

To get there, Bonnie, Freya and I found and caught a tipping point. It’s like a pivot point or a  turning point. 

But where are they? They are all around you. But you might not know it. A tipping point might be in the form of a conversation,  an opportunity,  or an “I’ve had enough” moment. 

It could be a moment of bitter disillusion or heartache. It might be when you are at rock bottom.

It might even be when you are hugely successful, and you finally recognise that your success might be nudging you in a different direction. 

Tipping points might not be self-evident, visible or palatable. But they are about. I want to encourage you to find one at times when you feel stuck.

Then, when you find it, be brave enough to catch it. The act of recognising and catching a tipping point will take you into the zone of conscious grit. 

In my book Conscious Grit: from stuck to unstoppable, I tell you about a tipping point in my life. I tell you how being in the zone of conscious grit was the key to living a much better life.  

I am motivated to tell you this because I know that my experience and learning can save you months and years of ‘just muddling along”. Why do that when you can live a much better life? So feel free to learn from my mistakes!