Wrestling yourself away from screens, devices, even the television can be a nearly impossible task, but it’s vital to maintaining positive mental and physical health.

You can help win the wrestle by finding something else to do that you enjoy.

Many of us are returning to jigsaws as an activity that is enjoyable, requires our full attention, and as a benefit can improve short term memory and problem-solving.

Jigsaw puzzling is great for individuals, families and for teams.

For individuals

  • Have some quiet time on your own

For families

  • Put the puzzle in a place where family members can join in as they choose & leave it there till completed. It’s an unspoken invitation for the whole family to participate whenever.

In the workplace

  • Put the puzzle in a staff room or other space where team members can gather to complete it together over time
  • Watch the healthy competition between team members emerge!
  • Hold a team’s challenge. Challenge teams to time how long it takes them to complete.  Have the teams recognise the tactics they use to get team members working together.

I’ve created these puzzles to promote positive thinking and the messages in my book Conscious Grit – from stuck to unstoppable.

Challenge level:

  • 500 piece – I love a challenge!
  • 1o00 piece – I really love a challenge!

The puzzle looks great framed and hung on the wall.

You can purchase from my online shop – just in time for Christmas delivery. Local delivery in Hobart. Otherwise I use Australia Post.