About Me

I develop and deliver bespoke people development solutions through my practice Everywhen Solutions.  I love to help individuals, teams and  organizations be the best they can be.

My experience over many years of needing to be accountable and achieve outcomes points to one key element that is central to every success factor – whether it be to meet financial outcomes, customer satisfaction targets, regulatory not negotiables – or other goals.

That is, the people.

Specifically, when your people know the overall strategy and the goals, and know that their contribution is purposeful, they will be more motivated to perform as you need them to.

This applies, whether we are talking about driving success for a whole workforce, a departmental group, a team, executive group or other configuration.

Put simply, when the people are on board, goals are much more likely to be achieved.

Everywhen solutions can:

  • Work with teams and individuals to enhance team dynamics
  • Develop your leaders
  • Help you develop a bespoke set of values and culture goals
  • Facilitate your strategic planning
  • Develop a road map to achieve your strategic goals
  • Work with you to monitor progress of your planning over time
  • Customize responses for your specific people challenges

I’ll use my experience and skills to help you and will also call on my tertiary qualifications and certifications:

  • Masters of Public Administration
  • Bachelor of Social Science  Human Services (Child Care)
  • CIV Training & Assessment (40116)
  • i4 Neuroleader Certified (www.aboutmybrain.com)

The first step is to contact me for a no obligation, confidential chat and assessment of the challenges you are wanting to resolve.

Gail Eaton-Briggs, CMC
Principal and Founder

PS you will notice the CMC after my name. Since 2005 I have been an authorized Marriage Celebrant. You will find details about the Celebrant Services that I provide under other pages on this site.